Enest Group Berhad

Our Company was incorporated in Malaysia under the Act as a private limited company on 9 April 2018 under the name Enest Group Berhad On 16 November 2018, we were converted into a public limited company.

Bird Nest

In order to ensure that the pure bird’s nest are in the highest quality, we will only obtains raw bird’s nest from our own swiftlet farms and also selected qualified swiftlet farms.

Our Products

Our bird’s nest are sterilized through the heat treatment machine to make sure that the bird nest products are qualified and safe to consume. By doing so, our bird nest’s products fully fulfilled the standards of the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Our Process

The processes in which the bird’s nest is cleaned require very delicate skill. Our technicians are well-trained to perform these skilful processes in order to produce the highest quality grade of bird’s nest. In addition, we have a robust and efficient standardized production system together with stringent controls and operation mode based on SOP and HACCP standards.

Step 1


Step 2


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Step 5


Our Plant

We are awarded a few authentication certificates such as HACCP certificate, HALAL certificate, GMP certificate, VHM certificate, MeSTI certificate, and myGAP from Malaysia government authorities.